After an art foundation course, I began exploring the world, working on a croft in the Orkney Isles, as a motorcycle courier in London, then teaching English in Edinburgh, London, Sicily, Thailand, Taiwan, and Bosnia, and working on the family farm over harvests.
During this period I developed interests in Buddhism, Tai Chi, film making, literature and the violin. I then did a degree in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam, producing film, video, drawings and sculpture. I came to The University of Essex to do an MA in philosophy. I started taking translation work. In 2009 I completed a PhD in philosophy, whilst also painting part-time. In 2013 getting a studio space in Wivenhoe allowed me to start painting more intensively.  In 2015 I began throwing stoneware and porcelain pottery on the wheel, inspired by the Chinese and Japanese traditions.

CV as artist

1996 BA Hons Combined Media Arts, Sheffield Hallam University.
2001 MA Continental Philosophy, University of Essex.
2009 PhD Modern European Philosophy, University of Essex.

1999 Colchester Art Society Open.
2014 Colchester Art Society Open.
2015 Sentinel Gallery Opening Show.
2015 Argentum Gallery at Wivenhoe House Hotel.
2015 Harwich Open.
2015 Solo show, ‘Terra’, at UCS Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich.
2016 12 Paintings, Colne Gallery, Colchester General Hospital.
2016 Colchester Art Society Open
2017 Colchester Art Society Open

Academic CV.

2009 : Ph.D in Modern European Philosophy, The University of Essex.
Thesis title: Self and World: A Critique and Jamesian Reconstruction of the Phenomenology of Selfhood. [An elucidation of the problematic place of the self in the work of Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty, answered by a model of the self based on a reading of the work of William James, with its implications for phenomenological aesthetics.] Supervised by Peter Dews and later also Dan Watts. Internal examiner Wayne Martin, external examiner Eric James (Cambridge).

2001 : MA in Continental Philosophy, The University of Essex.

1997 : BA Fine Art [Combined Media Arts], Sheffield Hallam University.

Areas of specialization: Phenomenology, Pragmatism, Aesthetics.

Areas of competence: Enlightenment thought, Philosophy of mind, Art Theory.

Undergraduate teaching:
2002/3/5 Graduate Teaching Assistant for the first year Enlightenment Course [an interdisciplinary course surveying Enlightenment thought].

Journal article

“Une beauté expérimentale. Manet et le pragmatisme.” Revue d’Esthétique, Paris, No. 45, pp. 157-167, 2004.


Beatrice Han-Pile, Michel Foucault’s Critical Project: Between the Transcendental and the Historical, (2002) Stanford: Stanford University Press. (L’ontologie manquée de Michel Foucault, (1998,) Grenoble: éditions Jérôme Millon.)
Various journal articles in philosophy and archaeology.
The website of the Institut Européen d’Archéologie Sous-Marine.

Papers presented

2011 ‘The Self as Experienced’, [A new phenomenological model of selfhood as actively constructive] at ‘Figuring the Self’ workshop at The Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen Njalsgade .
2008 “Selfhood and Phenomenology” [How the self is problematic to Heidegger and a possible solution], University of Essex Philosophy Research Colloquium.
2003 “Kant’s Disciplinary Project”, [a reading of Kant’s three critiques as promoting a powerful variant of disciplinary thought in the Foucaldian sense] at the annual meeting of the Society for European Philosophy.
2003 “Philosophy as Order” [on William James’ problematisation of philosophical ordering] at the ‘Philosophy As’ conference, London.
2002 “The Order of Taste: Kant, Disciplinary Thought, and the Ordering of Subjectivity” [An examination of the parallels between Kant’s judgement of taste and disciplinary mechanisms as identified by Foucault] at the Graduate Conference on Aesthetics, University of Warwick.
2001 “Manet, Pragmatism et la Beauté Expérimentale” [An elucidation of Manet’s solution to a failure of representation, drawing on Pragmatic Philosophy] at the Sorbonne for the “Foucault-Manet” Conference.